HOA Info™ Community Association Database

The HOA Info™ community association database is your one-stop source for . . .

  1. Statistical information on California community associations by county, including information on size in units, age in years and type of development.

  2. Information by individual association (there are more than 30,000 in the state of California) including, in addition to that listed above, the name and address of the Association president and Association management agent (if any).

  3. Highly-formatted one-page association PRO-Files™ which provide a concise description of the association, including physical characteristics, a picture, a detailed locator map (including driving directions), major amenities, assessments, links to service providers, etc.

    This PRO-File™ provides an easy stepping stone to the creation of an association web site, offering limitless opportunities for posting password-protected Board minutes, member newsletters, escrow transfer information, etc.

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