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    Legal name    
    Legal form, condo or PUD      
    Legal form, exact (timeshare, co-op, etc.)          
    City located in          
    County located in      
    Year association began          
    Age ranges, in years        
    Number of units, at build-out          
    Size ranges, in units      
    Estimated/actual annual budget          
    Budget ranges, in dollars        
    President name    
    President address    
    President telephone number          
    Manager name        
    Management company name    
    Management address    
    Management telephone number          
    Original assessment/budget          
    Management type (self, on-site, etc.)          
    Project acreage          
    Incorporation date (if incorporated)          
    Dept. of Real Estate (DRE) file number/date          

This information is available in four formats — FAX, mailing LABELS, PAPER and floppy DISK. Pricing per association ranges from pennies (for mailing labels) to less than a dollar (for "best" info on disk). Postage-Saving Zip +4, Carrier Route (CRRT) and Delivery Point (DP) coding available. Liberal discounts are available for volume purchases and "updates" of purchased association data. Call for a free current price sheet and statistics by county.

In addition, for interested individual associations, one-page association web pages are available at very low cost. Each association website includes, in addition to basic association data, an advertising/background message (up to 300 words), a picture of the project, and a geographic locator map. For those associations desiring a more comprehensive website, unlimited public and/or password-protected access to board minutes, governing documents, financial statements, etc. can be provided.

For more information/order placement call (510) 465-2073.
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