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Association: Telegraph Landing North Association
City: San Francisco
County: San Francisco
On-site address: 150 Lombard Street
Cross street: Sansome Street
Mailing Address: 1242 Francisco St., Suite #3
San Francisco, CA 94123
Contact person: Adele Laurence
Position: Property Manager
Address: 1242 Francisco St., Suite #3
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: (415) 447-4282
Fax: (415) 771-0851
E-mail: [email protected]
Year built: 1975
Association began: May 1976
No. residential units: 189
No. commercial units: 1
List of Amenities
Construction: Midrise, attached
Subdivision type: Condominium
Fiscal year: December 31
Owner occupied: 75% (12/96)
Avg Assessment: $543 PUPM
List of what assessment includes
Industry memberships: CAI
Professional management: Yes
List of major vendors used
Online access to Association documents are available at:

Own a part of San Francisco's magnificent past and luxurious future.

There is a very special place in San Francisco dedicated to those determined to enjoy all the pleasure of city life. This place is Telegraph Landing.

Nestled next to Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill, Telegraph Landing is built on the original site of the historic Lombard Pier. It was here that scores of stately schooners brought their precious cargoes from across the seas.

Here today is an elegant urban village designed to complement both this romantic past and the waterfront's luxurious future.

The beauty of city life.

This prestigious environment of excitingly designed condominiums and town houses was conceived for the pleasure of people. And nothing reflects this desire more than the village's focal point - its lavishly landscaped interior plaza.

It's a plaza bursting with sensory delights; mature trees, a reflecting pool, gracious gardens and a marvelous three-tiered waterfall that brings pleasure to the ear as well as the eye.

Gardens and open space are precious in the City. That's why we have two one-half acre rooftop gardens with furnished observation decks and walkways that let you take in the sun or look out over the sparkling city and bay.

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