HOA YellowPages

HOA YellowPages™ is an "easy access" information source organized into the following three major sections . . .

  1. 24-hour access to community association events (particularly in Northern California) through our frequently-updated Calendar of Events which tracks events sponsored by:

    • Berding & Weil, Attorneys at Law
    • California Association of Community Managers (CACM)
    • Community Associations Institute (CAI) Bay Area
    • Council of Condominium Homeowner Associations (COCHA)
    • Executive Council of Home Owners (ECHO)
    • Levy & Company, Certified Public Accountants

  2. 24-hour access to community association experts through the HOA YellowPages™ Service Provider Directory of:

    • Accountants
    • Arbitration and Mediation
    • Architectural and Design Services
    • Assessment Collection and Payment Coupons
    • Attorneys
    • Cable Television and Satellite Dishes
      . . . and much more!

    Print out concise one-page PRO-File™ information sheets on selected vendors and, if they have one, click on the link to their web site!

  3. 24-hour access to community association Board presidents and their property management agents through the continuously-updated HOA Info™ Community Association Database of 30,000+ California homeowner associations which, in addition to names and addresses includes number of units, age in years, type of development (condo, PUD, coop, timeshare, etc.), annual revenue, location, etc.

    This information is for sale in printed and electronic formats.

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